Domestic Sectional

There are many ways to automate sectional doors in commercial premises.
Our specialised door openers are part of a flexible range that can be expanded with
additional functions and applications.
 For spring balanced sectional & vertical lift doors
 Pressure cast aluminium housing
 Available as 230V 1ph & 400V 3ph models
 Compact in design
 High duty cycle models available (HD)
 Integrated mechanical limits
 Safety backup limits
 Available with integrated or external controller.
 Emergency hand chain (KE) or hand crank (KU) override
 Safety cut-off switch in the manual override
 Thermal overload protection
 Standard 25.4mm shaft, special sizes by request
 High speed models available with frequency converters
 Ex Explosion proof models available

Commercial Sectional doors demand that a door operator is safe, reliable, rugged, yet
refined and compact.
The STA1 Series ticks all the boxes, while exceeding all expectations when combined with
our range of industrial controllers.
The Standard models are available with mechanical limits, while high performance models
are available with programmable limits and frequency converters.